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The Foundation is giving away thousands of prizes through an invitation only raffle*.  Some of these prizes are examples of all of the technologies used during the STEM events including the A•R•O super-hyper car.  Other prizes include free electricity, exclusive one-off art paintings, and VIP entrance to a “Black-Tie Technology Gala” featuring world famous special guests.  All raffle ticket holders win the opportunity to reduce their electricity rates up to 10%.

* The invitation only offering is to a select group of  customers obtained and licensed from electric utility companies.  Non-invitees may gain invitation by purchasing a minimum of 50 raffle tickets.  Contact or see below.


Ticket Sales Reference Benefits
Raffle Ticket Purchase $25 / ticket Progress Blog, Early viewing of A R O
Prizes Quantity Details
A•R•O super-hyper car 1 winner Ownership contract applies
A2Kart None Available for loan for qualified events
FFD 2 winners Ownership contract applies
ESR 2 winners Ownership contract applies
A•R•O painting 1 winner Original oil painting by famous artist
A•R•O prints 500 winners Prints of above signed by artist
MS1/FFD/ESR painting 1 winner Original oil painting by famous artist
MS1/FFD/ESR prints 500 winners Prints of above signed by artist
# of Ticket purchased top 5 / region VIP Gala invitation for 2
Greatest quantity 1 overall winner VIP Gala plus FFD-ESR combo
Electric rate reduction 0.5% / ticket Maximum reduction**
Free electricity (1 year) 1000 winners **limited;
Free electricity (10 yrs) 100 winners **limited;
Free electricity (life) 1 winner **limited;
All ticket holders Name on A•R•O unlimited

* Invitation can be obtained by purchasing tickets direct from WTG. A minimum of 50 tickets must be purchased under a single name to be included as an invitee.

** Prizes limited to a maximum of 10% of rate or $1200 per year depending on the prize.

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WTG Foundation (We Trust God, Inc.) is a 501 (c) (3) private foundation.  It is not a church, however, the Founders do believe and trust in their creator and conduct business on biblical principles of honesty, integrity, stewardship, respect, and brotherly love.  The Foundation relies on the generosity of its supporters and applies 100% of its funding to the targeted project.
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