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We Trust God, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) foundation dedicated to empowering, encouraging, enlightening, and educating our Community, Nation, and the World through projects that demonstrate the power and goodness of God. Whether it is feeding the hungry, clothing the less fortunate, or educating the public concerning the issues of our times.

The Foundation envisions a world where all peoples have access to clean, reliable, and affordable energy; energy to provide clean drinking water; energy to warm a cold night; energy to travel from place to place.  We Trust God is expectant that through education and demonstration of alternative sources of energy that we can build that world.

The Foundation is continually seeking out new technologies that have the promise of advancing its vision and is committed to endowing successful technologies to other charities and nonprofits that are working around the globe in humanitarian and disaster relief improving the lives and health of all peoples.

Presenting STEMnation2021&Beyond

The Foundation is on a multi-year quest to educate school age minds about the importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through hands-on educational experiences. The expectation, the hope, is that STEMnation2021&Beyond will transform how they view renewable energy and clean mobility.  The anticipated re-launch date is early September.


“We’re in the business of trusting God”

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WTG Foundation (We Trust God, Inc.) is a 501 (c) (3) private foundation.  It is not a church, however, the Founders do believe and trust in their creator and conduct business on biblical principles of honesty, integrity, stewardship, respect, and brotherly love.  The Foundation relies on the generosity of its supporters and applies 100% of its funding to the targeted project.
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